I have outstanding interpersonal skills and experience dealing directly with customers. I am specialized in integrated Contact Center with integrated CRM and Workflow Management solutions, technical presales, implementation, integration and maintenance management. I listen to the customers about the things they like and dislike about the products and listen their suggestions on how they believe the items they use could be improved.
My expertise lies in successfully developing and implementing strategic processes, growth-focused plans, and development initiatives to maximize operational productivity and efficiency. Through my experience, I have become adept at overseeing sourcing and product development efforts, spearheading quality testing and control.
Currently, I am responsible for supervising, managing and motivating team members in Profit Center on a daily basis. Establishing and managing cross-functional team with software developers, system engineers, business analysts also managing team recruitment, personal development and performance evaluations,
As a team leader, I am a focal point for all team members. Proactive action is my daily job of ensuring smooth teamwork and effective collaboration, as well as leading the whole group to key goals. I conduct an open conversation to determine how the members felt about their work and to gather their opinions and thoughts on the projects. This can often allow them to make some changes in leadership and team activities for upcoming projects; thereby continually improving the performance of the group.
After all, the team needs to be led by setting a good example and engaging the team to achieve goals.


Team Leader @ ASEE

Oct 2019 – Present (4 years, 8 months, 17 days)

• Organization of team activities:

– allocation of resources (in collaboration with the PMO), monitoring of timely fulfillment, harmonization of the procedure;
– defining the specific flow of team operations;
– prioritizing and planning the activities of the team to ensure project/contract delivery/CRS/SSA;

• Contribute and/or lead projects in accordance with the Project;
• Plans, ASEE guidelines, to ensure KPI’s are met;
• Prepares and monitors the completion of professional development plans within the team;
• Contributes to the process of hiring, coaching, motivating and monitoring the performance of all subordinates in order to maintain the stability and high level of professional service in the team;
• Creates and leads presentations and participates in pre-sales and marketing activities;
• Prepares training plans and appropriate documentation, training clients to ensure project/contract delivery;
• Еnsures that documentation within the team is available in order to comply with customer requirements as defined in the project/contract/CR and ensures the internal exchange of know-how;
• Timely and accurately follows all relevant work procedures, in particular reporting, time monitoring, project planning, information sharing, to ensure the work is performed in accordance with prescribed standards and expectations, resource planning and specific KPIs.;

Linux Systems Engineer | Product Specialist @ ASEE

May 2017 – Oct 2019 (2 years, 4 months, 8 days)

• Establishing of the system environment in line with system standards and client’s requirements;
• Monitors and tests system performance to ensure systems meet documented user requirements;
• Provides maintains and appropriate level of technical support of systems;
• Monitors, troubleshoots and resolves issues and problems to ensure system availability, reliability;
• Participates in providing technical support to the Sales in order to support the sale process;
• Continuously update the documentation for the product/projects;
• Provide guidance and knowledge transfer to individuals of teams, support and mentor less skilled and less experienced employees, to increase work efficiency;
• Participates in analysis, design and configuration of system specification for fulfilling business objectives and processes, according to client’s requirements;
• Review test results and fix technical problems;

Skill and knowledge qualifications:

• Advanced knowledge of Linux system administration;
• Advanced knowledge Apache | Nginx — Config files, Log files, maintenance and troubleshooting;
• Advanced knowledge MySql | Percona | MongoD — Config files, Log files, maintenance and troubleshooting;
• Advanced knowledge Procmail | Sendmail | Dovecot — Config files, Log files, maintenance and troubleshooting;
• Basic knoledge in scripting in shell;
• Discuss requirements with the client and the development team;
• Contribute to technical design and progress meetings;
• Multi-tasking capabilities;



HTML 40%


GIANT TCR AdvancedCycling is nothing but a gentle and pleasant occupation designed to take the tired brain off the burden of the main task. It is by riding a bicycle that you learn the contours of a country best, since you heave to sweat up the hills and can coast down them. As Albert Einstein once said: “Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

Amiga 1000Retrocomputing is the use of older computer, hardware and software in modern times. Is usually classed as a hobby and recreation rather than a practical application of technology.

I currently own a couple of oldtimers, the oldest one are IBM NetVista 6286 and Fujitsu Siemens SCENIC xS DT2-D1171 that runs on the Windows 98 SE. Both computers are in working condition with full original hardware in the computer case. They are completely restored. I use the Retrobright method to restore the original beauty of yellowed plastics and give back the original look and feel.

I also love RetroGaming 🙂

PhotographyPhotography is something that just does not happen overnight. One has to devote time and develop patience and learn the art of good photography. The more I learn, the more I love it.

In my spare time, I love taking pictures. I have even documented many events. Photography has elevated my imagination senses and also patience level as I have to wait long for a good and right capture. Photography is something that develops over a period of time and with a good imagination sense and right kind of equipment 🙂 it is quite easy to capture those wonderful  moments of life.